Svenska Volvoklubbar i samverkan (the Volvo Clubs of Sweden in co-operation)

SVIS is a non-profit-making organization formed by:

Addresses to Volvoclubs all over the world

The SVIS store in Munktorp (about 10 km east of Köping) is run by volunteers and is normaly open on the last ordinary Saturday each month between 10am and 1pm and Thursdays between 4pm and 8pm.
Closed during July.
No cash payments. Only card or Swish.
Sales are also made by mail-order.
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The sparepart list "svis.xls" (or "svis.pdf") is offered for those who wants the latest information. The list is in a simple form: Part number, description and price. Anyone who wants to know more must ask the club for that car. You can also buy your own copy of Volvos spare parts catalogue for your model from SVIS. The cost for the paper issue is between 150 and 500 SEK, for a CD about 150 SEK.

List with all parts:


TIP: Right click and "save target as". Then you can have your own copy to study....
File hasn´t been updated since 2018.
If you don't have Excel installed on your computer there is a free "Excel viewer" available from Microsoft.

You can reach SVIS by mail: SVIS, Box 252, SE-731 26 Köping
E-mail: click here!

ONLY for ordering parts from the list. No other questions will be answered!